Backyard Makeover

Make the most of your garden with a Backyard Makeover

Improve your quality of living and add value with a backyard makeover. Make the most of your liveable space outdoors and create a theme that suits your tastes.

Backyard MakeoverBy creating a living area outside with a well thought out backyard makeover, you are literally adding a room to your home.  Creating an indoor outdoor flow will make those social occasions and family get-togethers more memorable and you with a gazebo or Bali Hut installed you’ll have shelter from the elements as well.

Having an outdoor eating area with a permanently installed barbeque takes the pressure off and reduces wear and tear on the indoors especially with kids around. Your backyard makeover will give you many more options for a place to relax, read and have some privacy. Creating a theme and using professional advice and landscapers will give your backyard makeover value you’ll appreciate if you come to sell your home, and getting the job done right the first time will save a lot of hassle and expense later.

Other ideas include bringing a hot tub outside, a lighting plan and speakers to really a classy living area.  With some well thought out planting and effective screens, you’ll have the privacy of your own enclave to enjoy.

The effort you put in with a professionally finished landscaping plan often means getting two to three times the value of the investment back in terms of your house value, compared to some expensive indoor renovation projects, you’ll find the backyard makeover much easier on the bank balance as well as not having the hassle of an indoor building project while you’re living in your house.

Give yourself and your family a a new space to enjoy, and it’s something the whole family can contribute to. A herb garden, miniature sculptures or even a putting green.  A backyard makeover is something you’ll benefit from for years to come.


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